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Voiture & co : transport for employment

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - La Ciotat
Inclusive mobility

Could the key to finding employment be a car key ? The Voiture & co association’s “Bougez vers l’emploi” (“Go to where the work is”) mobility scheme in the Bouches-du-Rhône region certainly thinks so. As a result, it provides those on the fringe of the labour market with transport enabling them to attend an interview or training course, go to work, etc.



No mobility, no job!

“How can I say I am mobile if I do not have a driving licence, vehicle or travel pass?” The question is asked by increasing numbers of people: those receiving minimum social assistance, seeking employment or in precarious employment, as well as recent school-leavers attending training or residents of sensitive urban zones. Carole Cano, the “Bougez vers l’emploi” scheme’s director, is very familiar with this situation: “These people’s financial situation generally does not allow them to obtain a driving licence, or, if they do have one, they do not have a vehicle. Some people also no longer think of using public transport.” This is why the Voiture&co association, which promotes the use of social means of transport, launched the “Bougez vers l’emploi” scheme in the Bouches-du-Rhône region in 2007. This mobility aid scheme provides a range of services: support, training and vehicle rentals.

Suitable solutions for everyone

Since the “Bougez vers l’emploi” scheme was created, over 2,300 people in difficulty have been received by one of its three mobility advisors at its offices in La Ciotat, Aubagne or Gardanne. Sent there by support bodies such as Pôle Emploi, they are offered suitable transport solutions for their needs and means. For example, the scheme has rented Yann Sanchez, a young worker, a scooter for two months: “After discussing my temporary transport problem, the association offered to rent me one of its scooters until mine was repaired. Without this service, I could not have paid a normal rental fee and my work would have been affected.” Not everyone has the same problem, and so alternative solutions may be considered: car rental, electric bicycle, group transport by minibus or help in learning to read train or bus network maps. All of these services are provided at specially reduced rates.

Ongoing partnerships

“Bougez vers l’emploi” draws on a network of partners in providing these reduced-price services. As well as Europe and local authorities, both of which fund the scheme, the scheme received sponsorship funding from the VINCI Foundation in June 2007 and October 2008, enabling it to buy a fleet of 25 scooters and a minibus for group transport. “The partnership does not consist in simply handing over a cheque,” adds Sophie Guillaume-Keghian, the sectorial manager at VINCI Park (VINCI Concessions) in Marseille and project sponsor. The Escota company (VINCI Concessions) also provides drivers with free tuition on road safety. “Personalised, concrete help in solving each person’s problems” is how Laurent Fontaine, Escota’s regional manager for Provence and the project’s second sponsor, describes the scheme. Now that the brake on mobility has been released… we can accelerate towards employment!

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