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Vincent Gouget and Freha, positive energy

Île-de-France - Clichy
Integration through housing

‘Freha counted on my expertise to help them achieve efficiency inexpensively.’



Environmental performance engineer with Bateg (VINCI Construction), Vincent Gouget has sponsored the Freha association for one year. This new sponsor has taken a liking to skills sponsorship that allows him to place his ‘professional expertise at the service of a social cause.’

Before then, Vincent Gouget had never had the opportunity to use his engineering skills outside his work for Bateg, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction. For several months, he has sponsored the Freha association, an associative social landlord that rehabilitates, builds, and rents out very social housing, and provides many social support and rental intermediation services. The engineer—who trained at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) and holds a Special Master’s degree in sustainable construction and housing—was pleased to accept this mission, which allows him to discover the associative milieu and make good use of his technical knowledge.

Maximum efficiency at minimum cost

The association, a member of the Emmaüs network, first asked him for his expert advice on a thermal study and bundle of projects. ‘I advised them on the feasibility and reliability of the study they had commissioned. The flats they renovate—especially in the 18th arrondissement of Paris—are poorly insulated and in an advanced stage of disrepair, which raises thermal issues. Freha counted on my expertise to help them achieve efficiency inexpensively,’ says the engineer, who does not want to disappoint the association’s team that allows families in situations of extreme precariousness access to decent housing.

More human stakes

Thanks to this sponsorship, Vincent Gouget has for the first time been in contact with people facing problems of energy precariousness: ‘At Bateg, we rehabilitate many social housing units. With Freha, it’s different. In addition to renovating housing, we encounter individual life stories and people in great difficulty. The stakes are more concrete, more human.’ This experience has notably allowed him to raise the awareness of students at the École Supérieure de Travaux Publics (ESTP) regarding environmental performance—a new opportunity to share his know-how. The association is glad: ‘Because of his profession, Vincent Gouget is well-placed to advise us on the issues of energy precariousness. With him, we receive an objective opinion and technical advice,’ says Aude Margueron, head of development for the association which has begun a rehabilitation programme targeting 10 buildings for families in situations of great precariousness.

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