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SNL : a home to get back on one’s feet

Île-de-France - Paris
Integration through housing

Founded in Paris in 1988, the association Solidarités Nouvelles pour le Logement (SNL) offers housing to people in great social difficulty and supports them as they take their futures back in hand.



A home as a first step to rebuilding their lives. For 25 years, Solidarités Nouvelles pour le Logement (SNL) has worked for the integration of the excluded, often former homeless people, with the support of a network of volunteers and neighbourhood associations. The principle? Temporarily house the recipient and offer assistance finding a job, social housing and a degree of social reintegration. ‘This support lasts two and a half years on average, the time it takes for people to attain a level of stability,’ says Carole Bartoli, director of SNL 92, one of the five departmental SNL associations in the Île-de-France region. ‘We offer housing at very affordable rates, around €7.30 per sq. m. This is less expensive than social housing.’

Offer more

Currently, SNL Île-de-France has 770 housing units able to house approximately 2,000 people. In the Hauts-de-Seine Department, SNL 92 has 41 housing units for approximately 100 beneficiaries (60 of whom children). In order to round out this supply, SNL 92 has undertaken the complete renovation of a building previously unfit for use in Colombes. ‘The work is nearing an end: the inauguration is scheduled for 14 June. Our renters—four families—should move into the seven flats (three studios, three 2-room flats, and one 4-room flat) on 1 July,’ says Carole Bartoli.

A meaningful donation’

To finance this €1.7 million project, SNL 92 ‘did not take out loans.’ It received extensive public funding and the VINCI Foundation for its part gave it a €25,000 grant in March 2012. ‘A meaningful grant: it allowed us to complete our budget,’ insists the director. Maxime Trocmé, the association’s sponsor and environment and science manager at VINCI headquarters in Rueil, ‘gave his technical expertise on building energy consumption. Given their situation, we needed to develop solid solutions and favour insulation and simple ventilation.’ Wise advice that allowed SNL 92 to deliver a High Environmental Quality (HEQ) building. Here, social and environmental concerns found the same answer.

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