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Revivre en Pays d’Oc : fighting waste

Occitanie - Toulouse
Social ties in priority neighbourhoods

In Toulouse, the association Revivre en Pays d’Oc collects and redistributes food and hygiene products to socially-supportive grocery stores. Efficiency, reactivity and cost-cutting have made the project successful.



Preventing waste and simplifying donations

To meet these two requirements, the association Revivre en Pays d’Oc was created in April 2011 and serves as a platform to redistribute food and hygiene products to socially-supportive grocery stores in its territory. ‘Revivre en Pays d’Oc acts as a link between manufacturers, volume retail and socially-supportive grocery stores. Two years ago, donations dropped off because of logistics problems and trust issues. Manufacturers do not always know who to contact and sometimes needed to give large quantities of products that socially-supportive grocery stores could not handle on their own,’explains Michel Place, chairman of the association and former agrifood quality director.

Member of the Revivre dans le Monde network –created in 1993 it unites the three associations: Revivre Ile-de-France, Revivre Rhône-Alpes and Revivre en Pays d'Oc - Revivre en Pays d’Oc has a staff of two employees and six volunteers. The association manages all transportation, delivery and storage activities—with a 900 sq. m. facility—for its partner associations. 'In the end, the delivered products cost 20% to 30% of retail prices. Last March, we invested in a 36 sq. m. cold room to preserve the cold chain and redistribute cold products,’ says the chairman. In two years of activity, Revivre en Pays d’Oc went from 200 tonnes of products distributed to 15 associations to 500 tonnes distributed to roughly 60 partner socially associations throughout in Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine and Poitou-Charente region by the end of 2013.

A ‘driving force’

Vice-chair of the association since it was created, Yves Landeau, director of VINCI Energies Sud-Ouest, is also a sponsor with the VINCI Foundation alongside Thierry Lassagne, district chief with ASF (VINCI Autoroutes) in Toulouse. ‘I provided my project management expertise to make it financially credible and sustainable. We believed that this platform would revolutionise the donation system and fight waste. Today, we can see that Revivre en Pays d’Oc has become a driving force in the Revivre dans le Monde network,’ insists Yves Landeau.

In 2012, Revivre en Pays d’Oc reeived a grant of €30,000 from the VINCI Foundation for the purchase of a split-temperature refrigerated lorry ‘to complete the cold chamber and deliver frozen products’ says Michel Place. Substantial aid that facilitated the diversification of the association’s activities. Today, the association is one of a dozen able to receive food product donations from the EU’s ‘Food Distribution Programme for the Most Deprived Persons of the Community’ (MDP). A ‘success’ due to the great insecurity of many families.

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