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Olivier Brilleau and the association Charles Prévost: the human side of sponsorship

Occitanie - Montpellier
Integration through housing

District head for ASF, Olivier Brilleau had lived other carriers before joining VINCI. This new carrier shift was also an opportunity to get involved with an association. But not just any association...



Adaptability could be Olivier Brilleau’s watchword: 52 years old, he had worked in the fast food industry and specialised distribution before entering the motorway industry in 2000 when he came to work for VINCI as ASF district head in Gallargues-le-Montueux (30). ‘The managerial aspect of the position interested me, as did its polyvalence and the opportunity to work for a rapidly evolving company’, says this day-to-day supervisor of a team of 140 people.

Legitimacy of action

This new position allowed this former salesman and regional manager to discover the association sponsorship opportunity offered by the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité. ‘I’d already seen several co-workers acting as sponsors when one of them, Françoise Février, encouraged me to take over for her when she retired. A very active sponsor with the Montpellier-based Charles Prévost – Enclos Saint-François association, she gave me her taste for protecting children’, says the association’s new sponsor since July 2013. Previously not very familiar with the associative milieu, Olivier Brilleau immediately appreciated the quality of the work done by the staff of the Charles Prévost association that, in close collaboration with Aide Sociale à l’Enfance (ASE, the child welfare office), provides homes for 53 young people and day services for 24, and follows nearly 200 families in the community.

A rewarding commitment

‘After providing material help, we very quickly floated the idea of creating a bridge between ASF and these young people. Plans are in place to hold open houses in 2015 so they can discover our professions, and to offer them seasonal contracts, set up CV writing and job interview preparation workshops, etc.’, says the enthusiastic sponsor touched by these young people with sometimes difficult paths. For his part, Bruno Fabrié, the deputy director of the association, believes that the VINCI sponsorship has ‘helped bring us up to date on the technical level by donating roughly twenty recycled computers and setting up educational software, Wi-Fi access points, a website and more. The young people need them. Today, we appreciate Olivier Brilleau’s determination to develop close ties between our young people and the ASF teams. We hope they can become a reality this year.’

For the VINCI staff member, making this personal commitment and holding out a hand to young people in difficulty has been ‘very rewarding'. ‘What we do with them has a real impact—and this is particularly rewarding on the personal level. This human willingness to be involved gives the sponsorship its legitimacy', insists Olivier Brilleau. The district head firmly intends to prolong and expand this experience despite his professional responsibilities and very busy schedule.

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