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Nouvelle Attitude : a second lease of life for used office paper

Île-de-France - Coignières
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“Let the little papers burn,” sang Gainsbourg and Régine. “Let’s recycle it!” is the message that Nouvelle Attitude now hammers home instead. This is the challenge that the young social integration enterprise, which specialises in collecting office paper for recycling, set itself when it was created in 2007.



Integration and recycling

Since then, Nouvelle Attitude has been collecting and recycling paper from homes and offices in the Île-de-France region – a highly praiseworthy action, since only 20% of all paper is recycled in France. During its first year, the enterprise collected, sorted and then recycled over 1,000 tons of paper. Its action also has a social facet, as each of its 10 employees is occupationally disadvantaged. Unemployed fifty-year-olds, young people with no training, immigrants and former prisoners: all of these socially and professionally disoriented people leave the enterprise with training and a qualification. By becoming an equipment operator, transport manager or sorting representative, they can then aspire to fixed employment. One of the 10 work integration contracts signed with Nouvelle Attitude has already been converted into a permanent employment contract with the enterprise itself.

The VINCI Foundation shares this attitude

From the beginning, the VINCI Foundation has been committed to helping to ensure the sustainability of the enterprise’s activities, finding its social solidarity essential. As a result, it has allocated €14,000 to enabling the enterprise to buy equipment, and Bertrand Delgado, VINCI’s purchasing coordinator in Rueil, is proud to talk of the human support that the Foundation offers the enterprise: "Nouvelle Attitude is now in great demand and I am happy to support the enterprise in its project. Our sponsorship of this enterprise is a wonderful human experience and offers us an opportunity to interact with impassioned and fascinating people." And Didier Toqué,
Nouvelle Attitude’s founder, adds: “Bertrand Delgado, our sponsor, follows our development very closely and always tries to put us in contact with the Group’s smaller companies likely to be interested in our services.”

From enterprise… to network

Like Nouvelle Attitude, nearly a dozen other enterprises have seen the collection of office paper as a response to sustainable development. Aiming to share their experiences and extend their “socially-supportive economy” model to other municipalities, they have formed the Alliance Papier association. This national network also enables these enterprises, which operate in a similar way, to pool their work teams. The association says that it collects 20-30% of all recycled paper in France. Thanks to its efforts, some “little papers” will no longer be burned.

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