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Marie Surjus and the Bagneux neighbourhood social association, a fledgling sponsorship

Île-de-France - Bagneux
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‘As a sponsor, I want to pass on my professional skills in an associative framework.’



Accounting officer with Eurovia for four years, Marie Surjus is taking her first steps as the sponsor of the Bagneux neighbourhood social association, which acts in favour of the inhabitants of a priority neighbourhood in the Paris region. ‘As a sponsor, I want to pass on my professional skills in an associative framework.’

An ad on VINCI’s intranet seeking sponsors was what set Marie Surjus off on her sponsorship adventure. ‘I wanted to bring more human feeling into my work, which is extremely time-consuming. The sponsorship concept offered by the Foundation interested me because it consists of transposing my professional skills in an association. I didn’t have much knowledge of the social milieu so I appreciated the fact that the Foundation guides me in sponsoring an association whose work seems coherent and pragmatic,’, says the young woman.

A structured plan

In this case, the association’s plan is to set up a low-cost social transport system and electric bicycle rental for isolated people who want to get around to look for work or go to job interviews. ‘The association conducted studies and drew up a business plan... It’s project is well thought-out. The team’s professionalism reassured me,’, says the new sponsor who sees the Bagneux neighbourhood social association as ‘a very structured and professional association that offers concrete solutions to the needs of people living in a priority neighbourhood.’.

An appropriate skills sponsorship

Professional discovery days at VINCI and skills sponsorship in accounting are under study, clarifies Séverine Fillon, director of the Bagneux neighbourhood social association. ‘The sponsorship is a way to make our actions more visible. In addition, it gives employees of classic companies and employees seeking integration the opportunity to meet and talk,’, she says. Marie Surjus shares this opinion: ‘The neighbourhood association helps people in difficulty, and this encounter allowed me to discover a world that I didn’t know, accompanied by the Foundation that was present during the first meeting on the association’s premises,’, explains the sponsor who appreciates the large degree of freedom in her involvement. ‘Above all, it is about human exchange, meetings, sharing skills, in function of the needs expressed by the association and the availability, profile and desires of the employee,’ she adds.

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