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Lutz Weise and Dynamique System’: a partnership with the right rhythm

Guyane - Kourou
Social ties in priority neighbourhoods

Chemical engineer and already active with an international association, Lutz Weise discovered the French Guiana association Dynamique System’ by accident. He liked its approach immediately.



In the 1970s founder of the Jorge Weise Association (JWA)—a homage to his deceased brother—that distributes scholarships to young Europeans so they can study the language of Shakespeare in England, Lutz Weise is a busy man who finds the time to work with associations. Barely 59 years old, the director of the Cegelec Space unit in French Guiana, a subsidiary of VINCI Energies, manages a staff of 168 and has extensive responsibilities. They didn’t stop him from volunteering to sponsor Dynamique System’ during a presentation of the call for Cité Solidaire projects in French Guiana issued by the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité in the summer of 2013. ‘Created in 1996, the association reaches many young people in French Guiana [editor’s note: approximately one hundred children, teens and young adults] through dance classes, academic support, outings for disadvantaged children during the holidays, job seeker assistance, etc. Their approach grabbed my interest right away’, explains the sponsor who offers simulated job interviews for the young people supported by the association and shares his contacts.

A ready ear and availability

Dynamique System’ dreams of finding premises in Kourou to set up its Maison des Jeunes (youth centre) in order to perform its activities in a more structured framework. ‘We are currently being hosted by the parents of one of our volunteers—which is something of an organisational challenge', insists Amandine Stanislas, educator and secretary for the association. For this project, Lutz Weise introduced the president of the association to one of his contacts on the French Guiana Regional Council. While waiting on the authorities to make a decision, the Foundation awarded the structure a €9,000 grant in 2013 to purchase equipment (computers, appliances, furniture, etc.). Pierre-Yves Hermin, president of Dynamique System’, is delighted: ‘Lutz Weise is always ready to listen, always available when we need him. He checks in with us every two weeks. His help is very valuable to us.’


A German born in Westphalia, Lutz Weise notably worked in his native country and in France—where he received a PhD in Nancy and an MBA in management from Sciences Po—in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries before moving to French Guiana in 2008. Sponsoring Dynamique System’ gives the engineer an opportunity to build a relationship with a segment of the local population that he does not know very well. ‘Talking with these young people broadens my horizons, and I appreciate being in contact with them. They are not always well prepared for job interviews, so I try to give them helpful advice on the best way to present their professional goals.’

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