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Jean-Louis Arcelin and Altern’Mobil: tandem success

Occitanie - Toulouse
Access to employment

For two years, Jean-Louis Arcelin has been one of the sponsors of Altern’Mobil, a socially-supportive green transport company that helps people far from employment find jobs in Toulouse.



‘They are friends.’That’s how Jean-Louis Arcelin sees the associations he helps. In addition, when he talks about the associations he supports, he easily adds the word ‘my’ in front of their names. Possessive? No. Just proud and committed. At age 53, this client services and communication assistant for ASF (VINCI Autoroutes) in Toulouse (31) decided to place his skills at the service of others. It all started in 2011, when he replaced a colleague, sponsor to the “Le Café des Enfants” association supported by the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité. ‘It’s a place where single mothers come to talk, have a good time, and share organic meals. There is also a mix of disabled and non-disabled children. It is very interesting, very rewarding.’

A convinced sponsor

Motivated by his first contact with the associative world, Jean-Louis decided to sponsor the socially-supportive company Altern’Mobil (formerly Biclou Tolosa) in 2012. This small company in Toulouse offers alternative mobility solutions for goods and people through green vehicles: tricycles, quadricycles and electric vehicles. Its advantage: some of the employees were hired under back-to-work contracts. Jean-Louis Arcelin promotes the company and helps it find new markets. ‘As part of our activities, were are present at many events. The idea is to include Altern’Mobil in these events,’ says the dynamic sponsor. During the summer of 2012, Jean-Louis identified positions suited to the association’s audience on the Port-Lauragais rest stop to give rides to ASF clients. Thanks to the Foundation’s financial support, two quadricycles were funded and two new employees seeking integration have been hired. ‘Seeing these people so happy to find a job is priceless. I’m proud to show that, in a company as big as ours, we manage to remain human,’ says the man who never quite doffs his PR suit.

A company rolling forward

Since it was created in 2008, Altern’Mobil has continued to grow. Three people that started with back-to-work contracts have found permanent jobs, while others have enrolled in training courses or found stable employment. Stéphane, age 33, is the fourth person to move from a back-to-work contract through the gateway to a regular unlimited-term job contract. A blessing for this former chef's assistant who spent two years out of work. The young man walked through the doors at Altern’Mobil in January 2013: ‘I was won over right away. It’s environmentally-friendly. I take people on tours of Toulouse, I’m improving my communication skills, learning to solve conflicts... And I get to stay in shape!’ Sometimes, when Jean-Louis is out and about in the Pink City, he sees Altern’Mobile tricycles and smiles: ‘I’m happy to see that it’s going well. I feel like there’s a little bit of me in it.’.

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