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Jean-Christophe Prunier and Mission Mobilité: a pair headed in the right direction

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - Louhans
Inclusive mobility

At age 48, this is the first time that the agency head with C3B has sponsored an association—a commitment to take part in a social project and allow Mission Mobilité’s beneficiaries to turn a corner in their lives.



In 2012, Jean-Christophe didn’t hesitate for an instant: ‘Among the 150 associative projects offered in-house, I wanted to support efforts to help people in difficulty who, because they didn’t have means of transportation, would not have access to employment. For me, this is an innovative approach that helps fight exclusion’, he explains. Then agency head for C3B (a VINCI Construction France subsidiary in Burgundy) in Mâcon, he now manages a staff of 70 in the Yonne and the Nièvre. Alongside Jeanne Cartier, a former colleague and HR manager, he gives life to this civic commitment. ‘Jeanne managed Mission Mobilité’s job search component while I provided my support to running the agency and with logistics, such as setting up call tracking’, he says.

A local actor

When he met the Mission Mobilité team in Louhans (71), his first impression was confirmed—they were the real deal! ‘Their approach convinced me. Organisation, rigour, social interest, procedures, list of beneficiaries... it was all there!’ insists the sponsor. Mission Mobilité was born in 2008 to develop access to mobility in Bresse Bourguignonne where public transit is ‘insufficient’ and a barrier to employment. ‘The association rents vehicles such as bicycles, cars and scooters at “solidarity” rates to allow people living in highly precarious situations—often dole recipients—to find jobs or commute to work. It’s a way to fight isolation and social exclusion’, explains Thierry Lopes, director of the structure. Every year, some 130 people sent by social workers rent affordable scooters (€15 per week) or cars (€29 per week). The only condition: the vehicle must only be used to go to work, and rentals are for a limited time only.

Running smoothly

This is the case for Patrice Vuillot, age 37, who found a recycling agent job on a short-term renewable contract with a company far from his home. ‘Without Mission Mobilité’s help, I would never have been able to get to work, 15 km from my house. It is very hard to find a job, so when you find one you have to figure out how to get to it’, he says, proud to be able to return the scooter he’s been renting for seven months because he can now afford to buy a used one. The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité gave the association a grant of €20,000 in 2012. This sum allowed it to buy seven scooters and one car, bringing its fleet up to six cars and 19 scooters. ‘A constructive give-and-take',says Jean-Christophe Prunier to summarise.

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