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Hervé Maignen and Steredenn: true dedication

Bretagne - Dinan
Inclusive mobility

Construction director by day, and long involved in professional integration, Hervé Maignen sponsors Steredenn. Worksite visits, meetings, advice... A proactive sponsor, he donates his time ‘because as an entrepreneur, it’s a moral duty.’



‘For many years, I’ve been aware of the issue of professional integration. It is one of our enterprises’ missions, particularly in our professions. Welcoming young and not-so-young people on our projects is necessary. Training people while helping them find a way out of a difficult life is gratifying,’ states Hervé Maignen, construction director for the Sogea Finistère and Côtes-d’Armor agencies and vice-president of the Groupement d’Employeurs pour l’Insertion et la Qualification (GEIQ [group of employers for integration and qualification]) in the construction sector in Brest. The issue of integration is also central to the Steredenn association in Dinan, with which Hervé had already worked. Yann Geindreau, director of the association, contacted him in 2014 to ‘ask him to sponsor us,’ he says. ‘We needed to improve our service supply regarding mobility, which is a real issue in Dinan. Social housing is located in the city centre, and companies are on the outskirts. People without vehicles find it difficult to look for jobs.’ Initially a home for young workers, the association now has five hubs, including a social integration workshop in masonry with 37 employees.

Two-wheelers allowed!

With the €12,500 from the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, Steredenn’s stable of 18 scooters will grow and include electrical bicycles and vehicles that don’t require a driver’s license. ‘What we offer only meets 50% of the requests. We also have a clientele of women who don’t feel comfortable with two-wheelers, hence the idea of buggies,’ says Yann Geindreau. Thierry Filliere, for his part, is happy with a scooter: ‘It gets me to work on the worksite and lets me look for a job. For me, it’s a real springboard.’ Thierry has two ‘CAP’ degrees, one in electro-technical fittings and one in plumbing and heating, but at the age of 43 he found it hard to find a job, notably because he didn’t have a vehicle.

Appropriate sponsorship

The reality on the ground was something Hervé Maignen wanted to see up close, and while visiting the worksite he noticed that ‘people seeking integration are very well supervised, and that provides perspective on our own integration actions.’ For his part, David Homo, worksite technical supervisor, took into account the sponsor’s advice. ‘He talked to us about safety and scaffolding, and invited us to visit the Couvent des Jacobins worksite in Rennes. This built cohesion in the team and even sparked ideas for professional projects in some people.’ Thierry was also there: ‘It was interesting to see a huge worksite, with stone cutting. We do small projects.’ A successful first step for Hervé Maignen, who concludes: ‘Being a sponsor is not just providing a name and money, you have to get involved. Because with Steredenn integration is a first step to a new life.’

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