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GEIQ BTP Ile-de-France : Four letters and a 70% success rate

Île-de-France - Saint-Ouen
Access to employment

What is a GEIQ? It’s a French acronym for a group of employers that support integration and qualification. More precisely, it is a non-profit organisation that matches out-of-work youth between the ages of 17 and 30 with member businesses in the same field. Launched in October 2006, the construction industry GEIQ in Ile-de-France is in part responsible for 70% of young people being hired permanently at the termination of their initial contract.



The building and public works sector, which includes more than 70,000 businesses in Ile-de-France, hires 30,000 people a year. The need continues to grow and trained staff is lacking. Confronted with this situation, especially in a period of increased unemployment, the VINCI group decided to set up a greater Paris office for the construction GEIQ. The Foundation supported its creation financially and three-quarters of its 40 members are subsidiaries of the VINCI Group. “The GEIQs bring together businesses that bet on the potential of the unemployed to solve their hiring problems,” explains director Arnaud Habert. While at GEIQ, young people have a sandwich contract to combine training and professional on-site work experience. “GEIQ pays the salary. We are a supplemental hiring tool. The young candidates are selected by businesses and we do the training: between 200 and 450 hours per year,” explains the GEIQ director. The training is combined with their time on the job. They thus receive both theoretical and hands-on training.

Taste for work

Trained and monitored at the partner business, the young person gradually develops interest in work. At the same time, the GEIQ offers personal assistance. “For instance, I hired a young Afghan. In addition to a vocational apprenticeship, he received language training to facilitate his integration,” explains Arnaud Habert. Approximately 300 people have benefitted from the group since its formation. “Eight young people out of ten finish out their contract with the business and seven out of ten are ultimately hired on a permanent basis.”
The member businesses also appreciate the work of the group. “Five to ten people per year are hired through the GEIQ and trained to be form-setters. This is part of our human resources policy,” explains Jean-Pascal Dusart, human resources director at Sicra (VINCI Construction) in Rungis at the time. While it doesn’t always work out, new posts usually become permanent. At GTM Bâtiment (VINCI Construction) in Nanterre, support for the GEIQ has also been very strong. “I bring VINCI’s connection to the professional world that completes the training during the year,” explains its president, Jean-Yves Cojean, who is also president of the GEIQ.
In September 2009, the VINCI Foundation participated in creating a special telephone line to help hiring of people participating in the Group’s integration programs. Intended for all the Group’s businesses in Ile-de-France, it brings together human resources managers from the subsidiaries and social work professionals from GEIQ for personalised assistance during the first months on the new job.

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