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Cédric Fechter and ACEPP Rhône, building momentum together

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - Lyon
Social ties in priority neighbourhoods

‘My role in the association is to find the right contacts within the Group to accompany them.’



Working with the ACEPP Rhône, an association that supports many parent initiatives, one of which in the priority neighbourhood of États-Unis in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon, Cédric Fechter, deputy director for the South-East with VINCI Airports, says, ‘my role in the association is to find the right contacts within the Group to accompany them’.

When the Cité Solidaire Lyon programme was launched in May 2014, Cédric Fechter, age 36, took the leap and co-sponsored the association with Clémence Giraud, property manager with VINCI Immobilier. ‘I was very interested in the approach because since starting my professional career a decade ago, I haven’t taken the time to work with associations. This sponsorship allows me to get outside my professional routine, take a step back and involve my co-workers in concrete actions showing civic commitment,’ insists this director with a busy schedule.

Consulting and contacts

Cédric Fechter began talking with ACEPP Rhône in September 2014 when the Foundation issued a call for sponsors through a poster campaign in companies and at worksites within the Group located near the États-Unis neighbourhood. ‘The goal is to understand the association’s challenges and its daily activities: social development actions, federating early childhood structures, training sector professionals, etc. In addition to its need to find funds to renovate its Ballad’Ou bus—a free mobile nursery that sets up at the foot of buildings to welcome parents and their children who do not attend other structures in the neighbourhood—the ACEPP Rhône also expressed needs in marketing and communication, administrative and financial management, and computer equipment. I spent time with the association to fully grasp its operations and draw up an appropriate action plan. I put it in contact with sponsors that provide support in specific fields,’ says Cédric. Through his intermediary, the association notably met Catherine Moine, administrative and financial manager at the Clermont-Ferrand/Auvergne International Airport (VINCI Concessions), and Valérie Allegre, head of communication with Rhonexpress (VINCI Concessions).

The role of facilitator

The sponsor mobilises his co-workers to accompany him in this sponsorship and explains that he offers the association ‘solutions to meet the challenges of its activity.’ Cédric Fechter and his colleagues have found a modus operandi that allows everyone to act based on their skills so that there is strength in numbers. ‘Acting as sponsors together makes our action more efficient by taking advantage of the skills in our respective professions,’ states the sponsor who, thanks to his training and professional experience, feels comfortable with this mission of facilitator. In addition, he has been able to recover computers from VINCI departments to renew the association’s computer stock. For their part, the association’s staff of 10, speaking through Gaëlle Ginot, agent, also say they are satisfied with this first skills sponsorship: ‘Each sponsor adds his or her touch and viewpoint, and the diversity of skills and approaches makes us better. Everyone is playing the game in this encounter, without preconceived ideas.’

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