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Adhama, overcoming the barriers of disability

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - Bussières
Access to employment

So that disability is not a hindrance to social and professional fulfilment, the Association des Handicapés Adultes des Montagnes du Matin (ADHAMA, association of adults with disabilities in the "Morning Mountains") works to foster the independence of the mentally disabled.



In 1983, in the Loire region, parents of people with mental disabilities wanted to give their children a chance at professional fulfilment. ADHAMA was thus created in Bussières with the opening of the "Créations" sheltered workshops. "The people we welcome can work in 'regular' jobs," explains Jean-Michel Lopez, director of the association structures. "In our workshops, they can work and get training in line with their abilities and desires." Green space maintenance, woodworking, packaging and even mechanics are areas in which they can find fulfilment and become more independent. One example is Patrick, age 42, who has been working at the centre for four years: "I've learned to build the wooden frames for Click Clack and BZ sofa beds, and how to install blinds, windows and fences. This lets me hold a job and be financially independent."

Personalized support

Like Patrick, 52 employees work in different workshops at the centre; they all receive personalized medico-social support. "Our main objective is the well-being of our employees," insists Jean-Michel Lopez. "Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we help them advance and adapt the work." The centre’s know-how is now acknowledged in the Loire region, and local businesses, governments and individuals do not hesitate to call on it. But the association's work does not end there. It also runs a residential centre, and a social support service that aims to end isolation and foster keeping disabled people in the region at home.

Acknowledged and supported know-how

In 2010, the centre’s seriousness and know-how are what convinced Jean-Christophe Boudin, then assistant district chief with ASF (VINCI Autoroutes) in Feurs (42), to sponsor ADHAMA. He has called on them several times to maintain the freeway network's fences and the green spaces at his company's administrative premises. His colleagues Roland Jullien, viability/maintenance supervisor in Feurs, and Fabien Saulnier, human resources assistant in Valence, have joined him in providing the association, for the tasks entrusted to it, with their expertise in risk prevention. "Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with them. We are impressed with the pedagogical infrastructure set up for the centre's interns, who are very committed to their company and to their work. What a good example of management!" says Jean-Christophe Boudin. In addition, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité provided a grant in the amount of €8,000 to renew the safety equipment for the green space maintenance and woodworking workshops, and acquire two computers for the site beneficiaries in March 2011. "Work is a real factor in integration and fulfilment for the centre’s disabled employees," says Fabien Saulnier. And this observation gives meaning to the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité's commitment to foster access to employment for those who have been excluded from it.

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