Selection criteria

Eligible structures:
1 - That has non-profit status (no for-profit structures) and serves the most excluded publics.
2 - Independents, non-publics, non-parastatal, and non-denominational.
3 - Implementing their own project, serving the general interest and local development. The Foundation does not finance the heads of associative networks nor individual projects.

The Foundation does not support structures that receive permanent funding, overall endowments, or social aid contracts, issued by Regional Health Agencies and Departmental Social Cohesion Departments.

Sponsoring of VINCI employees

All projects submitted to the Foundation must be sponsored by a VINCI employee

The civic involvement of VINCI colleagues, as sponsors, is the Foundation’s basic principle. Only projects that allow Group employees to be mobilised may be selected. Geographic proximity between the project leaders and sponsors is therefore indispensable.

Features support


The Foundation supports projects in France (mainland and overseas departments and territories). Foreign projects are supported through the network of foundations: Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

There is a specific programme for projects taking place in Africa, the Initiatives Sogea-Satom pour l’Afrique fund (

The network of VINCI foundations:

VINCI Stiftung für gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (Germany)

Syndesmos VINCI (Greece)

Fonds VINCI (Belgium)

Nadacia Granvia (Slovakia)

Isle of Wight Fondation and VINCI UK Foundation (United Kingdom and Ireland)

VINCI Foundation NL (The Netherlands)

Fundación VINCI España (Spain)

Financial Support

Support is reserved for tangible (tools, vehicles, computer equipment, furnishings, fitting out of premises, etc.) or intangible (website, training directly linked to the project, etc.) investment spending.

Lasting and Innovative Projects

The Foundation supports initiatives that are designed to last and ensure long-term jobs or activities. It favours innovative systems and partnerships among people involved. The Foundation does not finance temporary projects (exhibits, demonstrations, symposia, events, etc.) even when they focus on solidarity or professional integration.

Theme-Specific Criteria

Access to Employment

Integration structures that use supporting activities in innovative professions or professional sectors under pressure.


Inclusive Mobility

The Foundation sustains mobility support for people accompanied by the project implementer.
Partnerships between structures (mobility packages) are strongly encouraged.




Integration through Housing

Projects supported concern assist the overall installation in the housing provided: no construction grants.




Priority Neighbourhoods and Social Ties

Projects located in the centre of priority neighbourhoods and that serve the inhabitants are supported.
Partnerships between structures are encouraged: description, length, nature of the partnership, and sponsorship useful to all partners.
Particular attention will be paid to activities that are open to the world outside the neighbourhood

Nb: In the field of handicap, the Foundation supports only projects which allow an integration through employment.