Our favorite projects around Europe: Nature Therapy CIC on the Isle of Wight

January 2017

One of the projects awarded funding in 2016 by Isle of Wight Foundation in UK is Nature Therapy CIC and their Expedition Leaders project which seeks to help individuals who have been unemployed for longer periods to gain qualifications and confidence to help them to access employment. In 2016, 15 people have participated in two separate courses undergoing basic training.

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Testimonial: Corinne Garros, sponsor to Bestearekin in Bayonne

December 2016

Corinne Garros, Executive Assistant (VINCI Autoroutes), has been the Bestearekin association's sponsor as part of the VINCI Foundation's activities. She has been following a family of Armenian migrants who arrived in the Basque Country more than one year ago. She talks about her involvement at their side. Discover the photo report !

Our favorite projects around Europe : “Talent Development = Top Sport” in Netherlands

December 2016

In 2016, the VINCI Fondation NL had sponsored the project of Hanneke van Paradijs, who works for the VINCI Facilities business unit FM. Her Talent Development = Top Sport project will be carried out within the Excelsior 4 All corporate social responsibility (CSR) organisation in Rotterdam. Time for an update.

Launch of the CLICNJOB Job Search Platform

November 2016

After two years of research and development and working with employment stakeholders in France, WeTechCare launched its CLICNJOB platform in early November. The platform was designed to be a true collective tool for vocational integration efforts.

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