Cité Solidaire in Toulon

August 2017

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité introduced the Cité Solidaire programme, a call for local projects dedicated to underprivileged neighbourhoods, in 2010. The programme helps small non-profit organisations to create community ties and strengthen the network of non-profits. Cité Solidaire is designed with and for a local community. It involves local VINCI's businesses and coordinates with municipal authorities.

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Testimonial: Michel Jezke, sponsor of the Zone d’Ombre et d’Utopie (ZOU) non-profit organisation in Saint-Denis

August 2017

Michel JEZKE is a project manager at Cegelec Projets Espace. He sponsors the ZOU non-profit organisation, helping to disseminate the ZOU film about bringing between young people and seniors together in Saint-Denis.

A reader for clients and blind employees of the insertion company TyfloCentrum

July 2017

The VINCI Foundation in the Czech Republic has supported the TyfloCentrum insertion company, which helps blind and visually impaired people better integrate.

Chantiers & Territoires Solidaires issues its first call for projects

July 2017

The new Chantiers & Territoires Solidaires endowment fund has issued its first call for projects. You have two months and 21 days to submit an application !

A roundup of compelling projects in Europe: Belgium

July 2017

Two new projects fostering work integration for underprivileged young people are supported by the VINCI Fund in Belgium.

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