New Volunteer Branch in VINC I: Tutoring for Youth

May 2017

The Foundation and the Proxité association build bridges between the employees of the VINCI group and the students from the priority neighborhoods.

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Sponsors in Action: Engage with Habitat and Humanism Against Homelessness

May 2017

The VINCI Foundation for the City has recently supported Habitat and Humanism.

News from the VINCI Fund in Belgium

April 2017

The VINCI Fund supports projects that promote the general interest, and is a vehicle for the companies that founded it to curb exclusion in all its forms and thereby help everyone find a place, a role and dignity in our society. In 2017, this Fund will focus on projects that foster “living together”.

Cité Solidaire Starts Up in Aubervilliers!

March 2017

In partnership with the Veolia Foundation in Aubervilliers, sixteen associations from priority neighbourhoods in the city received awards in February thanks to Cité Solidaire.

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