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The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité Thanks VINCI group Employees for their Civic Commitment!

March 2017

Every year, the Foundation offers VINCI group employees the opportunity to get involved with associations acting in favour of social and professional integration.

In 2016, 200 VINCI sponsors shared their skills with associations located near their workplaces throughout France.

The Foundation’s new citizen path programme allows employees and interns to get involved in volunteer work:

- François (VINCI Concessions) provides academic support to a secondary school pupil in connection with the association Proxité.
- Lysiane (VINCI Energies) is coaching a job-seeker via a branch of SNC VINCI (Solidarités Nouvelles Face au Chômage [new solidarities to fight unemployment]).
- Hajar (a student at the École des Ponts) is doing a shared-committed internship with Eurovia and the Les Compagnons Bâtisseurs association.

VINCI Group colleagues, if you too would like to get involved in a meaningful action, don’t hesitate: enrol in our "volunteer sponsors" database .