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The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, partner to Enactus France, at the heart of student social entrepreneurship

December 2017

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité attended the Enactus "Eclosion" (ideas hatching) seminar, held from 23 to 26 November. It gave students participating in the event an opportunity to work on their social entrepreneurship projects.

More than 200 students representing every field of study and enrolled in 38 elite schools and universities took part in the "Eclosion" seminar from 23 to 26 November 2017 in the premises of Neoma BS – Campus Reims to help them "hatch" or consolidate their social entrepreneurship projects. Some 50 professionals, including two people from the VINCI Group, actively participated in this event to advise the students on their projects.

Lucie Plusquellec, Project and Communications manager for the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, coordinated an inspiration workshop around reducing inequalities, accompanied by Azziz Zerrouki, Director of Alpha Logement, which supports the "Hall of books" project in underprivileged neighbourhoods in Châlons-en-Champagne. This workshop let students discover the challenges, explore the different levers for action available and identify already existing entrepreneurial solutions.

Lucie, alongside Pierre Schlienger, Development Director for VINCI Construction France, also took part in a workshop around project prototyping. Over a whole afternoon, they worked with several teams of students on creating and/or developing solutions imagined by the students, who were able to take advantage of their well-informed advice during the discussions.

"We really enjoyed sharing this time with these very enthusiastic students," said Lucie Plusquellec. "It was a great opportunity for all participants to enrich their own understanding by discovering other people's experiences, visions and projects. These young people are full of ideas and determination to combat inequalities and act to ensure better integration for all groups of citizens. They already have an excellent understanding of the challenges of our society and the levers they can activate to meet them. Enactus will allow them to commit to this wonderful endeavour and, even more important, let them live this experience together!"

A big thank you to Lucie and Pierre for the valuable time they devoted to the students involved!

Enactus France is a non-profit, community-based structure, member of the Enactus Worldwide (NGO) network. Enactus France strives to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and engagement of young people to serve society. It helps young people design and implement social entrepreneurship projects with the support of business professionals and the teaching body.