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Sponsors in Action: Engage with Habitat and Humanism Against Homelessness

May 2017

The VINCI Foundation for the City has recently supported Habitat and Humanism.

Created in 1992, Habitat and Humanisme Ile-de-France intervenes in all the departments of the Ile-de-France region. Nearly 20 local teams are in charge of the territorial development of the association and the accompaniment of the families housed. The association has 1,200 dwellings, half of which have been entrusted to it by private or public owners. Teams of social workers and volunteers ensure close support of the families housed. The accommodations are located in the heart of the city, within a private condominium building. The association also manages a dozen small apartment buildings with 5 to 15 apartments in which a team of volunteers is in charge of the collective animation.

The financial support of the Foundation allowed the furnishing of an apartment through a donation of 10 000 euros. At the same time, the sponsor of the association, Vial-Collet Rémi, territorial director at VINCI Immobilier, organized a solidarity day with employees of his team for the assembly of furniture in the home. The sponsor also ran in favor of Habitat and Humanism during a solidarity-based charity run organized by the association on March 26th (the Soli'run), and received an additional 2100 euros with 24 other employees VINCI Real Estate.

The sponsor said: "I am very proud to be in a group that allows this kind of action and I know that this feeling is shared by the thirty collaborators who have been involved. "