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A roundup of compelling projects in Europe: Belgium

July 2017

Two new projects fostering work integration for underprivileged young people are supported by the VINCI Fund in Belgium.

Le Petit Chemin The Le Petit Chemin restaurant in Nivelles helps young people with a slight to moderate disability when they finish their schooling. Many have acquired technical and social skills but are having difficulty finding a job in which they can put them to use. Le Petit Chemin offers them a genuine work environment as well a space providing work integration and personal development, where users are involved in the full range of day-to-day restaurant management tasks. The VINCI Fund will enable the restaurant to purchase new tables and chairs and a new refrigerator. The restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 11:45 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and offers a daily special as well as a wide selection of menu items at affordable prices. Sponsors: Brigitte Duquesne, Isabelle Deceuleneer & Pierre Verburgh – Cegelec Infra Technics Habbekrats The FABLAB is a discovery and learning space that the Habbekrats non-profit organisation plans to develop in a summer camp it owns. It is intended for young people from underprivileged backgrounds who are not yet ready to face the challenges of the labour market. Many of them have grown up in institutions or difficult family environments. In addition to receiving day-to-day support in one of the 10 Habbekrats locations in Flanders, groups of young people will also be able to spend five exciting weekends engaging in FABLAB interactive training to acquire a whole range of skills. The VINCI Fund helped purchase materials to set up FABLAB. Here are a few photographs of a workshop held in Ferrières (province of Liège) in February. Sponsor: Claudine Van Steendam – Radar Automation