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Our Favourite Projects Around Europe – Cité Solidaire in Dresden

January 2018

Cité Solidaire's last operation was held in Dresden, Germany. Among the 12 projects selected for support, Muzaik and Ausländerrat Dresden promote, respectively, the integration of young people and women, many of whom are refugees or from an immigrant background. Discover these two non-profit organisations.

The Cité Solidaire programme, created by the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité in 2010, has already been rolled out in France and Germany. This operation supports non-profit organisations, often small structures, that work in underprivileged neighbourhoods. Each call for local projects, focusing on certain neighbourhoods in a given city, provides support for between 10 and 15 such organisations.

The last Cité Solidaire operation, organised by VINCI Stiftung für gesellschaftliche Verantwortung, took place in Dresden. Altogether, some 12 projects received support in the neighbourhoods of Prohlis, Gorbitz and Nördliche Johannstadt, while 22 employees have committed to working alongside them. All in all, the funds awarded amount to a little over €128,000.

Musaik - Grenzenlos Musizieren e.V. is one of the projects supported. Musaik, which was set up very recently, leads a music and social project inspired by "El Sistema" in Venezuela. It aims to open up new perspectives for children and young people from different social backgrounds and cultures through music. By allowing them to learn a musical instrument, Musaik helps them integrate into society and broadens their cultural horizons. The €28,000 grant awarded will help the nonprofit pay the fees of a music teacher.

The Frauentreff project, led by Ausländerrat Dresden e.V., consists of creating a venue for meetings, initially aimed at Muslim women, then extended to include all women, particularly refugees or women from immigrant backgrounds. Ausländerrat Dresden e.V. encourages the cultural, social and political integration of its beneficiaries by offering numerous workshops, on a weekly or annual basis, to promote exchange of views, mutual help and classes to learn German, bike-riding or swimming, for instance. The €10,000 funding awarded is earmarked for the bike-riding workshop and will also cover part of the organisation's staffing costs in 2018.

To find out more about the Fondation VINCI Stiftung für gesellschaftliche Verantwortung, visit the foundation's website (in French).