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January 2018

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe – Cité Solidaire in Dresden

Cité Solidaire's last operation was held in Dresden, Germany. Among the 12 projects selected for support, Muzaik and Ausländerrat Dresden promote, respectively, the integration of young people and women, many of whom are refugees or from an immigrant background. Discover these two non-profit organisations.

December 2017

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, partner to Enactus France, at the heart of student social entrepreneurship

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité attended the Enactus "Eclosion" (ideas hatching) seminar, held from 23 to 26 November. It gave students participating in the event an opportunity to work on their social entrepreneurship projects.

December 2017

VINCI Autoroutes employees discover the Kairos subsidised workshop project

Kaïros is a subsidised workshop that specialises in building Loire river barges as a way of giving new life to a means of transport mostly unknown to the region's modern inhabitants. As part of the sponsorship agreement signed with the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, a meeting between the back-to-work employees and VINCI Autoroutes staff was duly organised in November this year.

November 2017

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe: London Youth Rowing in the United Kingdom

Rowing to help disadvantaged young people – this is the challenge tackled by London Youth Rowing in the United Kingdom. Discover their project!

October 2017

A look at the third Rendezvous of the VINCI Foundations

The third Rendezvous of the VINCI Foundations took place at Hasard Ludique - a day full of enthusiastic exchanges between public and private players on citizen initiatives in low-income priority neighbourhoods.

October 2017

ICI! - Creating a vibrant community centre and involving local residents in the Ile-Saint-Denis urban renewal programme

The ICI! non-profit took part in the Third VINCI Foundations’ Rendezvous. It works to involve local residents of the South Ile-Saint-Denis neighbourhood in the New National Urban Renewal Programme. We describe its activities.

October 2017

Testimonial: Stéphane Molès, "Proxité – it's much more than just school support"

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité met Stéphane Molès, who joined the Proxité adventure this year. This nonprofit sets up two-person teams comprised of a young person from low-income neighbourhoods and an adult in employment. The meetings, which encompass help with schoolwork and enriching exchanges, take place once a week. A look back at a year of engagement.

September 2017

Drones to Fight Unemployment

Thanks to the acquisition of two drones, Impact Network has been able to duplicate its training programme in France. The goal: train job seekers for a promising sector and help them re-enter the job market

August 2017

A look at the Enactus projects supported by the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité pursued its engagement alongside Enactus France during the 2016-2017 academic year by supporting five student projects.

August 2017

Cité Solidaire in Toulon

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité introduced the Cité Solidaire programme, a call for local projects dedicated to underprivileged neighbourhoods, in 2010. The programme helps small non-profit organisations to create community ties and strengthen the network of non-profits. Cité Solidaire is designed with and for a local community. It involves local VINCI's businesses and coordinates with municipal authorities.

August 2017

Testimonial: Michel Jezke, sponsor of the Zone d’Ombre et d’Utopie (ZOU) non-profit organisation in Saint-Denis

Michel JEZKE is a project manager at Cegelec Projets Espace. He sponsors the ZOU non-profit organisation, helping to disseminate the ZOU film about bringing between young people and seniors together in Saint-Denis.

July 2017

A reader for clients and blind employees of the insertion company TyfloCentrum

The VINCI Foundation in the Czech Republic has supported the TyfloCentrum insertion company, which helps blind and visually impaired people better integrate.

July 2017

Chantiers & Territoires Solidaires issues its first call for projects

The new Chantiers & Territoires Solidaires endowment fund has issued its first call for projects. You have two months and 21 days to submit an application !

July 2017

A roundup of compelling projects in Europe: Belgium

Two new projects fostering work integration for underprivileged young people are supported by the VINCI Fund in Belgium.

June 2017

Presentation of VINCI employees in a school

Three women employees present their jobs to children through the non-profit organisation EbulliScience.

June 2017

VINCI football tournament: a solidarity team to promote the integration of migrants

Organization of a soccer tournament with migrants from the Aurore association's emergency accommodation centers.

June 2017

‘Parcours à Venir’: Discover Exceptional Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Since 2012, Parcours à Venir [path to the future] helps people in precarious situations along the path to entrepreneurship when it comes to building their professional plans.

May 2017

New Volunteer Branch Proxité in VINCI : Tutoring for Youth

The Foundation and the Proxité association build bridges between the employees of the VINCI group and the students from the priority neighborhoods.

May 2017

Sponsors in Action: Engage with Habitat and Humanism Against Homelessness

The VINCI Foundation for the City has recently supported Habitat and Humanism.

April 2017

News from the VINCI Fund in Belgium

The VINCI Fund supports projects that promote the general interest, and is a vehicle for the companies that founded it to curb exclusion in all its forms and thereby help everyone find a place, a role and dignity in our society. In 2017, this Fund will focus on projects that foster “living together”.

March 2017

Cité Solidaire Starts Up in Aubervilliers!

In partnership with the Veolia Foundation in Aubervilliers, sixteen associations from priority neighbourhoods in the city received awards in February thanks to Cité Solidaire.

March 2017

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité Thanks VINCI group Employees for their Civic Commitment!

Every year, the Foundation offers VINCI group employees the opportunity to get involved with associations acting in favour of social and professional integration.

January 2017

A photo report from Des Femmes en Fil, a workshop and boutique in Nantes

Non-profit Des Femmes en Fil welcomed photographer Aline Boros.

Apply for a Shared-Committed Internship with VINCI

Looking for a year-off or end-of-studies internship offering commitment and solidarity with VINCI and the Vendredi [Friday] scheme’s partner associations? Discover our internship opportunities and send in your application!

January 2017

New publication: The first VINCI Foundations Rendezvous Logbook – Obtaining and staying in housing

Is access to accommodation and housing in France today paralysed by the growing financial insecurity of households? Are there promising solutions to respond to this crisis?

January 2017

Unis-Cité’s “Rêve et Réalise”: Increase Young People’s Potential and Ability to Act Through Inclusive Entrepreneurship Experience

The Foundation is a partner in the “Rêve and Réalise” [dream and do] programme that received the “La France s’engage” label in 2015 and allows young people to start up their inclusive projects and earn entrepreneurial experience.

January 2017

Our favorite projects around Europe: Nature Therapy CIC on the Isle of Wight

One of the projects awarded funding in 2016 by Isle of Wight Foundation in UK is Nature Therapy CIC and their Expedition Leaders project which seeks to help individuals who have been unemployed for longer periods to gain qualifications and confidence to help them to access employment.

December 2016

Testimonial: Corinne Garros, sponsor to Bestearekin in Bayonne

Corinne Garros, Executive Assistant (VINCI Autoroutes), has been the Bestearekin association's sponsor as part of the VINCI Foundation's activities. She has been following a family of Armenian migrants who arrived in the Basque Country more than one year ago. She talks about her involvement at their side. Discover the photo report !

December 2016

Our favorite projects around Europe : “Talent Development = Top Sport” in Netherlands

In 2016, the VINCI Fondation NL had sponsored the project of Hanneke van Paradijs, who works for the VINCI Facilities business unit FM. Her Talent Development = Top Sport project will be carried out within the Excelsior 4 All corporate social responsibility (CSR) organisation in Rotterdam. Time for an update.

November 2016

Launch of the CLICNJOB Job Search Platform

After two years of research and development and working with employment stakeholders in France, WeTechCare launched its CLICNJOB platform in early November. The platform was designed to be a true collective tool for vocational integration efforts.

October 2016

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe : SKP Plzen in Czech Republic

Food Drive for the ‘Bójka Halfway House’, supported by Nadace VINCI in the Czech Republic.

October 2016

The Sillon Solidaire Sponsors’ Day

On 29 September, the Sillon Solidaire Fund hosted an event to bring together the sponsors of recently supported projects and projects being considered for support in order to discuss the role they have with associations.

September 2016

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe: Slovakia

ANIMA Project: rehabilitation of a Farm and Communal Living Space, supported by Nadacia Granvia in Slovakia.

July 2016

‘Solidarische Stadt’: Cité Solidaire in Magdeburg, Germany

The Cité Solidaire programme is also being rolled out in Germany. This year, nine associations in Magdeburg, in Saxony-Anhalt, received support.

June 2016

Sponsors in Action: Fighting Unemployment in Marseilles with CVStreet

The Société Marseillaise du Tunnel Prado Carénage (SMTPC) and the association CVStreet have launched the ‘Emploi au Bout du Tunnel’ (a job at the end of the tunnel) operation, a billboard campaign to showcase job seekers.

July 2016

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe: Isle of Wight (UK)

StoreRoom2010, Skill Gap Training, supported by the Isle of Wight Foundation in the United Kingdom.

July 2016

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe: Jako doma in Czech Republic

Jako Doma – Homelike (feels like home), helping homeless women, supported by Nadace VINCI v Èeské Republice in the Czech Republic.

June 2016

The Second VINCI Foundation Rendezvous in Partnership with the Cocagne Network

After a first Rendezvous focusing on housing, the VINCI Foundation held a second event on organic and urban farming as a vector for social and professional inclusion.

June 2016

Cité Solidaire Starting Up in Montpellier

Twelve associations have received support as part of the Cité Solidaire call for projects issued in the Pompignane, Gély, Figuerolles and Pas du Loup-Val de Croze neighbourhoods.

April 2016

The First Ever VINCI Foundation Rendezvous: A Day on Housing

The first VINCI Foundation Rendezvous, held on the subject of obtaining and staying in housing, took place on 26 April in Paris and was attended by approximately one hundred people.

April 2016

Meeting: The Foundation’s Jury and the Jardin de Cocagne Employees Seeking Integration

The members of the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité Selection Committee met on 16 March 2016 at the Maison Cocagne located on the Saclay Plateau. They spent the morning working alongside the Vauhallan garden’s employees seeking integration.

April 2016

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe: Belgium

Sans Logis asbl: The Kitchen, a Place for Living and Solidarity, Supported by the VINCI Fund in Belgium.

March 2016

Sponsors in Action: Safety Awareness at IDEE

On 7 March 2016, Pascal Wattebled and Nicolas Moscavit (ASF - VINCI Concessions) held a job safety awareness workshop for the association they sponsor, IDEE based in Argentat (19).

March 2016

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe: Netherland

U.S.V. Elinkwijk, a positive mind in a healthy body, supported by VINCI Foundation NL in the Netherlands.

March 2016

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe: Slovakia

Depaul Slovensko, a mobile medical team making “house calls” for the homeless, supported by Nadacia Granvia in Slovakia.

March 2016

Our Favourite Projects Around Europe: Germany

TAF! Treff für arbeitslose Frauen, a meeting point for unemployed women, supported by VINCI Stiftung für gesellschaftliche Verantwortung in Germany.


Coaching team: new talent VINCI Construction France already sponsors !

On Friday, February 5, 2016, three employees of the promotion coaching team 2014 received the "Prix de l'action pour la Cité" in the presence of Alain Le Doeuf, VINCI Construction France-Ouest Operational Director. This award rewards the commitment of these Three young engineers sponsors of associations supported by the Foundation.

December 2015

Testimonial: Véronique Fritsch and Eric Wagner, a heart full of books

The Livres association, which runs a library in a disadvantaged neighbourhood, has two sponsors. ‘We provide different skills, and that’s a real plus,’ asserts Véronique Fritsch. Her colleague Éric Wagner shares this opinion and sees sponsorship as ‘a small-scale citizen initiative.’ > Read the testimonial

December 2015

The fondation VINCI pour la Cité is standing with Enactus to support social entrepreneurship among university students

Every year, Enactus France, the national branch of the Enactus Worldwide movement, accompanies hundreds of students as they create social start-ups with the involvement of professionals and teaching faculty.

November 2015

Two New VINCI Foundations in Europe

In 2015, the network of VINCI Foundations around the world grew with the creation of two new entities, one in Spain and one in the United Kingdom. This network of eleven structures can adapt to diverse local contexts and anchor civic engagement at the most local levels.

October 2015

Do You Know Cité Solidaire?

Since 2010, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité has been running the Cité Solidaire programme of calls for projects for priority neighbourhoods.

30 july 2015

Testimonial: Laurent Kribs and Action Basket Citoyen: the right pass

Since 2014, Laurent Kribs has sponsored Action Basket Citoyen, an association that organises basketball classes that are free and open to all in the priority neighbourhood of États-Unis in Villeurbanne (69). Laurent talks about his sponsorship.

20 July 2015

July Committee meeting update

On 8 July 2015, the Selection Committee chose 21 new projects accompanied by 34 VINCI staff; the meeting closed with talks from two housing experts in preparation for the selection of projects from the thematic call for projects underway: Pascal Van Laethem, Chairman of France Habitation, and Thierry Debrand, Director of Fréha and Chairman of FAPIL.

June 2015

From the Streets to Employment

One goal: accompany people who have lived on the streets and bring them back towards lasting employment. To do so, the Emmaüs Défi association launched the Convergence scheme.

15 June 2015

Cité Solidaire is headed for Reunion Island

Launched at the end of 2014, the Reunion Island Cité Solidaire programme has made it possible to support 11 projects in the priority neighbourhoods of the city of Le Port, with the involvement of 23 VINCI employees.

2 june 2015

Testimonial: Cyril Arsac and Au Fil de l’Eau: a heartfelt plunge

‘A powerful human experience.’ This is how Cyril Arsac describes his experience sponsoring Au Fil de l’Eau, an Auvergne-based social integration workshop in market gardening and a member of the Cocagne network. Discover Cyril’s account.

2nd June 2015

Return on the selection Committee of May

Meeting on 6 May 2015, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité’s Selection Committee granted its support to 26 new projects: 15 ‘coups de coeur’ projects submitted by Group employees, and 11 projects in Reunion Island selected as part of the Cité Solidaire programme in the city of Le Port (Reunion Island).

April 2015

VINCI Foundation: all the news, online!

With “Essentials 2014, re-live the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité’s year in with a single click.

April 2015

27 Associations Furthering Access to or Staying in Housing Through Household Support

Launched last spring, the VINCI Foundation’s latest call for housing projects—‘furthering access to or staying in housing through household support’—awarded grants to 27 associations throughout the country.

30 March 2015

First selection Committee meeting of the year

25 new projects involving 34 sponsors selected on 4 March by the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité’s Selection Committee

January 2015

The call for mobility projects, a clear success

In 2014 for the first time in France, three corporate foundations—VINCI pour la Cité, VINCI Autoroutes for responsible driving, and PSA Peugeot Citroën—launched a call for projects to support initiatives that foster mobility. An outcome better than expected!

December 2014

Three new Cité Solidaire operations

In 2014, the Cité Solidaire programme was rolled out in Lyon, four cities in the Urban Community of Strasbourg, and Bottrop (Germany).

May 2014

The foundation invites sponsors to the Tour des solutions

From May to November 2014, the Foundation visited seven regions in France to participate in the events at each stop in the Tour des Solutions organised by Mouvement des Entrepreneurs Sociaux (Mouves, the social entrepreneurs’ movement). Presenting a partnership for territorial development!

November 2014

A day of civic engagement in Marseille

On 19 November 2014, nearly 60 people visited the Kedge Business School of Marseilles to take part in a day-long event organised by the Foundation on the topic of civic engagement.

November 2014

Beginning to measure territorial impact

The VINCI Foundation has launched a process by which to measure the territorial impact of Cité Solidaire operations in the centre of priority neighbourhoods.

October 2014

The second La France des solutions

The Foundation is a partner in La France des Solutions, an event organised by Reporters d’Espoirs and the Conseil Économique, Social et Environnemental (CESE) to showcase innovative initiatives that move France forward.

September 2014

Convergence, results from a three-year experiment

Created in May 2002, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité manifests the Group’s determination to be a lasting partner with the places and human communities for which the Group builds and manages numerous facilities. Its pledge: fight against all forms of exclusion. How? An illustration with the example of the partnership forged with the association Emmaüs Défi.

June 2014

The first VINCI Foundation workshop

In June, nine members of VINCI’s international network of foundations met in Ghent (Belgium) to discuss the civic engagement of the Group’s employees.

April 2014

A new foundation in the netherlands

In April, a new foundation in the Netherlands joined the international network of VINCI foundations.