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Cité Solidaire Starts Up in Aubervilliers!

March 2017

In partnership with the Veolia Foundation in Aubervilliers, sixteen associations from priority neighbourhoods in the city received awards in February thanks to Cité Solidaire.

Developing sewing or cooking workshops, highway code exam preparation support, putting on a world music evening in Aubervilliers, and even a short film festival with neighbourhood inhabitants... All these projects—reflections of the associative vitality and solidarity within the city of Aubervilliers—received awards thanks to the Cité Solidaire operation at the start of 2017.

To support and accompany these projects, €120,000 were allocated to 16 associations in Aubervilliers, and 22 employees from the VINCI and Veolia groups working and/or living in Aubervilliers have signed on for a year. Discover all of the supported projects!

A team of six sponsors from the project extending the number 12 line of the metro, run by VINCI Construction France, have joined with the Landykadi association to help it design and build an urban poultry house. This poultry house is to be installed in a green space provided to the association in the Landy neighbourhood of Aubervilliers that is currently home to off-ground market produce crops and soon to be joined by an open-air kitchen. A lively space open to the neighbourhood! Discover the Landy Tutti Culti project.