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Cité Solidaire in Toulon

August 2017

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité introduced the Cité Solidaire programme, a call for local projects dedicated to underprivileged neighbourhoods, in 2010. The programme helps small non-profit organisations to create community ties and strengthen the network of non-profits. Cité Solidaire is designed with and for a local community. It involves local VINCI's businesses and coordinates with municipal authorities.

The most recent Cité Solidaire, held in June of this year in Toulon, focused more particularly on the City Centre and Sainte Musse neighbourhoods. About 10 non-profits attended the public meeting. Of 12 non-profits submitting social cohesion and integration projects, 10 were short-listed. This Cité Solidaire call for projects awarded funding amounting to €93,000.

Cité Solidaire combines the expertise of VINCI Group employees with local social cohesion and integration initiatives to provide a new bridge between business and city stakeholders. To sponsor these non-profits, 12 VINCI employees volunteered their services: 10 from Escota, one from Citéos, and one working at the Toulon-Hyères Airport; the foundation also received a request from a VINCI Immobilier employee.

The winning non-profit organisations are: Amitiés Cité; Le Rocher; Centre social Est; Ligue Varoise de Prévention; QG de Ste-Musse; ALINEA; Cultures et communication; Des enfants, Un quartier, La vie; Espace Méditerranée; and Centre social Centre-ville.