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Apply for a Shared-Committed Internship with VINCI

Looking for a year-off or end-of-studies internship offering commitment and solidarity with VINCI and the Vendredi [Friday] scheme’s partner associations? Discover our internship opportunities and send in your application!

1. Apply for an internship with VINCI
Send your application (CV and cover letter) to, specifying which offer you are applying for:
- Internship no. 1: Valentin TP (Eurovia)Valentin TP (Eurovia), Overhaul of Technical Documentation on Calls for Tender
- Internship no. 2: ISC (VINCI Construction France) in partnership with the association Etudes et Chantiers Ile-de-France, Draw up a Sustainable Mobility Corporate Travel Plan

2. Company Hiring Process
This is a classic hiring process!

3. Selection of Your Mission with the Association
Once hired, you will co-create your mission with the association and your VINCI manager.
- Mission no. 1: Association Quatorze, — Support the steering of a renovation project (housing)
Mission no. 2 (only for the internship with ISC, VINCI Construction France): Etudes et Chantiers Ile-de-France association. — Draw up a sustainable mobility corporate travel plan
4. Let’s go!
The Vendredi scheme will accompany you in your double mission throughout your internship so that the experience is a success.