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A reader for clients and blind employees of the insertion company TyfloCentrum

July 2017

The VINCI Foundation in the Czech Republic has supported the TyfloCentrum insertion company, which helps blind and visually impaired people better integrate.

The aim of the company is to help blind and visually impaired people integrate into society by providing them with practical help in solving practical problems of everyday life, Helping to overcome difficult or unusual situations. This structure is the only one in the region to provide clients with personal support and one of only two organizations to provide services to support autonomy and independence (so-called social rehabilitation - Mainly with computer courses for the mastering of the enlargement and screen reading programs). It also provides other complementary services, including leisure activities.
The company has approximately 120 blind and visually impaired clients. 90% of their clients are over 50 years of age. As a rule, these people have little opportunity to take advantage of modern technologies that would make their lives easier. Some of them know how to use a computer and most have a mobile phone for the visually impaired.

The main objective of the project supported by the VINCI Foundation in the Czech Republic is the purchase of a reading light for their clients and their dozen blind employees at TyfloCentrum. The aim of the company's approach is to offer the possibility of reading a book using a talking machine, to open a new dimension to them. The machine is characterized in particular by a very simple and fast operation. You place a printed document under the camera, you press the button and after a brief moment a voice reads to you the text of your document. The reader should help strengthen the social integration of their clients and improve the quality of the services offered by the company.