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A look at the Enactus projects supported by the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité

August 2017

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité pursued its engagement alongside Enactus France during the 2016-2017 academic year by supporting five student projects.

Enactus supports social entrepreneurship projects led by students. This year, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité supported five initiatives that received a seed-funding grant of €1000.

Le Tissu Solidaire – IAE Lyon

Le Tissu Solidaire forges links between students and asylum-seekers in Lyon through sewing workshops. The items produced (pouches, bracelets, scrunchies, etc.) are then sold to finance cultural and educational activities for all the people participating in the project. Part of the seed funding was used to organise outings - to the opera and the Lyon aquarium – and others are planned. The rest of the grant will be used to purchase equipment to open a new workshop in Villeurbanne.

Loca – Neoma Business School Rouen

Loca offers Rouen students a short-term household appliance rental service as part of an inclusive, eco-responsible initiative, whereby their partner ENVIE Normandie employs people on back-to-work schemes to deliver and install the appliances and provide after-sales service. End-of-life appliances are recycled to reduce their ecological footprint. Thanks to the seed funding, the Loca team was able to make contact with law students who helped draft their general terms and conditions of rental. It also helped finance upgrading of the website and printing of flyers.

Le Baba – Sciences Po Paris

Using cooking as a professional springboard for migrants – this is the approach of the Le Baba project, which will take the form of a market-canteen inspired by South African food markets. Refugee and immigrant cooks will prepare their culinary specialities in fully equipped mobile kitchens. A great way of encouraging meetings and exchanges between migrants and the general public. The seed funding was used to finance the different events organised by Le Baba. The nonprofit must now build its mobile kitchens, train the chefs in food safety and purchase re-usable serving containers.

Le Savon Nantais – Centrale Nantes

Le Savon Nantais wants to recycle the small soap tablets used in hotels, which are discarded after being used just once. The idea is to join forces with a workshop serving unemployed people to recycle the soaps and sell them in Nantes stores. In this way, the project aims to help people excluded from the labour market while also combating wastefulness. Part of the grant was used to print a number of presentation brochures and the rest will be used to purchase equipment to start up the soap production activity and work on the packaging prototype.

Carton Solid’Air – Mines Nancy

Carton Solid’Air also aims to combine integration through work and sustainable development. The aim of Mines Nancy students is to sell or rent cardboard furniture produced in work-integration structures. Using cardboard has ecological virtues since it is a material than can easily be recycled or re-used. The nonprofit will use the funding received to purchase equipment and start producing the furniture.