Essentials 2016


Committing Ourselves As Close As Possible to Those in Need

The Fondation d’Entreprise VINCI pour la Cité’s activities were invigorating in 2016, allowing 252 Group employees to become personally involved in local civic activities through 184 associative social integration and professionalism-building projects supported in France, with a total of 2.6 million euros in grants allocated.

The Foundation continued its Cité Solidaire programme targeting associations in priority neighbourhoods, involving VINCI companies and staff present locally. In 2016, this programme was extended to the cities of Montpellier and Aubervilliers in France and Magdeburg in Germany, bringing the number of sites that have benefited from the programme in six years to 25.

2016 also saw the organisation of the first two ‘VINCI Foundations’ Rendezvous’, which combined the experiences and thinking of various Group foundations and their associative partners on the topics of obtaining and keeping housing and urban agriculture as a vector for social and professional inclusion.

As part of its new 2017-2021 five-year programme, the Fondation d’Entreprise VINCI pour la Cité will organise its action around three lines: taking action in cities, integrating people, and sharing know-how. This programme will more closely involve the Group’s operational managers and teams, diversifying ways of getting involved, generating territorial citizen actions closer to the Group’s worksites and operating sites, and investing in new fields of social innovation.

The ambition of the Fondation d’Entreprise VINCI pour la Cité, in conjunction with the Group’s network of foundations, is thus to constantly and more broadly foster the civic engagement of employees throughout their careers, from their first day in the Group to their senior support missions.

A new programme, a new ambition for the Foundation that allows everyone to contribute by getting involved to serve in the fight against exclusion.

Xavier Huillard
Chairman of the Fondation d’entreprise VINCI pour la Cité
Chief Executive Officer of VINCI


Key Figures for 2016

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New forms of commitment : becoming a sponsor with the Coaching Team

In order to involve the future, new and current employees of the Group in solidarity actions, the VINCI Foundation for the City devises various sponsorship schemes. In 2016, new formats were tested and partnerships were strengthened to put in place a real citizen engagement path.

March 2016

The sponsors participate in the daily life of the associations

Pascal Wattebled and Nicolas Moscavit (ASF - VINCI Concessions) held a job safety awareness workshop for the association they sponsor, IDEE based in Argentat (19).

April 2016

Organization of the first Rendez-vous des Fondations VINCI on housing

The first VINCI Foundation Rendezvous, held on the subject of obtaining and staying in housing, took place on 26 April in Paris and was attended by approximately one hundred people.

June 2016

Launch of the Cité Solidaire program in Montpellier

Twelve associations have received support as part of the Cité Solidaire call for projects issued in the Pompignane, Gély, Figuerolles and Pas du Loup-Val de Croze neighbourhoods.

June 2016

Organic and urban agriculture as a support for social and professional integration : the Rendez-vous des Fondations VINCI #2

After a first Rendezvous focusing on housing, the VINCI Foundation held a second event on organic and urban farming as a vector for social and professional inclusion.

July 2016

VINCI Foundations abroad mobilize: Launch of the Cité Solidaire in Magdeburg (Germany)

The Cité Solidaire programme is also being rolled out in Germany. This year, nine associations in Magdeburg, in Saxony-Anhalt, received support.


A look back at our activities in pictures

VINCI foundation meeting #1 : housing access and support

Large-scale partnerships


Les Femmes en fil and their couture workshop ethics and solidarity

Pays de la Loire - Nantes

"Les femmes en fil" association, founded in 2009, is dedicated to the social and professional integration of women through an ethical and solidarity textile manufacturing workshop, learning through sewing.

Improving the living conditions of families seeking asylum through Bestearekin

Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Bayonne

Bestearekin, which means "with the other" in Basque, helps these families of migrants who have been denied the right to asylum. They are accompanied until they are regularized and autonomous, in order to promote their integration into the community.

Association Lumière and the fight against the digital divide in priority neighborhoods

Île-de-France - Aulnay-sous-Bois

Lumière association offers many activities for children, pre-teens, by setting up a school accompaniment and participates in the respect of citizenship values ​​in Aulnay-sous-Bois. It also helps adults to train and carry out their administrative procedures online through a Multimedia Space.

"Simple city" : helping each other to succeed

Pays de la Loire - Rezé

"Simple city" is an association that supports initiatives promoting the action and expression of children, young people or adults in working-class neighborhoods.