Testimonial: Véronique Fritsch and Eric Wagner, a heart full of books

December 2015

The Livres association, which runs a library in a disadvantaged neighbourhood, has two sponsors. ‘We provide different skills, and that’s a real plus,’ asserts Véronique Fritsch. Her colleague Éric Wagner shares this opinion and sees sponsorship as ‘a small-scale citizen initiative.’ > Read the testimonial

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Testimonial: Laurent Kribs and Action Basket Citoyen: the right pass

30 july 2015

Since 2014, Laurent Kribs has sponsored Action Basket Citoyen, an association that organises basketball classes that are free and open to all in the priority neighbourhood of États-Unis in Villeurbanne (69). Laurent talks about his sponsorship.

July Committee meeting update

20 July 2015

On 8 July 2015, the Selection Committee chose 21 new projects accompanied by 34 VINCI staff; the meeting closed with talks from two housing experts in preparation for the selection of projects from the thematic call for projects underway: Pascal Van Laethem, Chairman of France Habitation, and Thierry Debrand, Director of Fréha and Chairman of FAPIL.

Cité Solidaire is headed for Reunion Island

15 June 2015

Launched at the end of 2014, the Reunion Island Cité Solidaire programme has made it possible to support 11 projects in the priority neighbourhoods of the city of Le Port, with the involvement of 23 VINCI employees.

Testimonial: Cyril Arsac and Au Fil de l’Eau: a heartfelt plunge

2 june 2015

‘A powerful human experience.’ This is how Cyril Arsac describes his experience sponsoring Au Fil de l’Eau, an Auvergne-based social integration workshop in market gardening and a member of the Cocagne network. Discover Cyril’s account.

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