Helping each individual to feel part of the Community

The VINCI Foundation was established in May 2002, illustrating the VINCI Group's determination to be a lasting partner in the community and the human lives for which the group builds and manages a large number of infrastructures.

Taking action against all forms of exclusion

Bringing together the skills of VINCI employees and social actors, the VINCI Foundation aims to fight all forms of exclusion by accompanying those who have been excluded on the road to employmentand promoting solidarity within the Community.

Human and financial support

The VINCI Foundation supports social actors in the areas where it can lastingly rely on the commitment and professionalism of the Group’s employees. These sponsors offer their skills to meet concrete needs over the long term.

Local roots, all over the world

The VINCI Foundation works with VINCI Group employees to develop concrete actions, aimed at achieving lasting results. In this way, it encourages local initiatives wherever the Group is present. It also supports the creation of sister foundations to adapt to the local context. Already in existence in the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Slovakia, Isle of Wight (United Kingdom) and Netherlands.